YELP Plays Hooky at Keller Street CoWork

by Andy Sewell

The Northbay Yelp Elite Squad is playing hooky at Keller Street Co Work in Petaluma. After some tasty food and delicious drinks, guests were encouraged to step in to The Story Box and tell a story. Visit again soon to hear the stories.


The Ambassador of Sex Appeal

by Team AudioAGoGo

As part of KCRW’s 24 Hour Radio Race, a few friends of mine made this four minute piece about one of the many characters here in Petaluma, California. Eli is a fixture and a joy to chase around town. We didn’t win, but we had a blast and it was an awesome day (it happened to also be my birthday).

I Love You / I Love You Not

by Andy Sewell

In the early 1930s, a boy played a prank on a girl. The girl, Doris Kelly Hall, swore revenge. What followed was over 70 years of harassing limericks, prose, holiday cards and poems written by a scorned and determined woman.
Equal parts humor and honesty, local women read selections from the writings of Doris Kelly Hall. On the surface, the body of work seems like the rantings of a societal fringe self professed cat lady. But a deeper look reveals life long love and the meaningful connection we all desire.



by Andy Sewell

redline was a project that I developed with the Chicago based Tangerine Arts Group (now defunct). In the Chicago Transit Authority's system, the Red Line runs North-South through the center of the city and stops in many of the city's neighborhoods. Its route represents a diverse demographic of Chicago. I set out to record people along that route with the aim to create an audio representation of a typical ride. The piece has no narrator and is intended to showcase those everyday people who ride the train. The interviewer questions were edited out to allow for the person's story to remain intact. There was some editing done for clarity and continuity. In April of 2004, it was installed at Las Manos Gallery in Chicago's Andersonville neighborhood. We arranged the gallery seats and speaker placement to mimic a Red Line subway car physical and aural environment.

Jeffrey Martin: Live at Bleacher Critic

MUSIC by Jeffrey Martin / RECORDING by Andy Sewell

Portland's Jeffrey Martin performed a benefit concert for the Sonoma Fire victims. It was hosted by Bleacher Critic and all funds went to the Redwood Empire Food Bank. Jeffrey is a true storyteller both with his music and his banter.

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Long Way Home

by Andy Sewell

Luke Erickson left home to chase his dream of being a singer/songwriter in Nashville. But this grounded, humble dreamer knows it won't be instant. But all his hard work will pay off - regardless of his future. His goal is to live with passion. The success will come soon after.

This piece was made as part of the Transom Traveling Workshop in Nashville - January 2017. The week-long class was hosted by WPLN. 

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